Are you imagining your new home with a grand circular staircase in the entry foyer or a would you prefer a more traditional “U” shaped stair with right angles and clean lines? There are many elements to be addressed when designing the staircase of your dreams. Let us show you the possibilities and assist you in the realization of all that you envision for your new home.

Staircase Components

Components Assembled

The body of any staircase consists of, most simply, stringers, treads and risers. The stringers are the long pieces that are routed to receive the treads(walking surface area of the stair) and risers (vertical face of each step).


The stringer is the long vertical piece that is either routed or mitred to receive the treads and risers. The stringer is one of the main structural components of staircase construction. Our stringers are made of solid poplar not plywood unless another hardwood is requested. A staircase will often times have a combination of these two types of stringers depending on the accessibility of the stair.


The tread is the walking surface of the staircase. Our treads are made with solid hardwoods not veneered mdf or some other substrate. We laminate no more than three individual pieces to produce our final tread. We feel this is necessary to produce a final product that is both structurally sound as well as aesthetically pleasing. Treads can be made with or without returns depending on the accessibility of the staircase. The tread shown is made from hickory.


The riser is a very simple but integral component of your staircase. The individual riser height is a division of your overall floor to floor measurement divided by the number of rises (steps) it will take you to ascend or descend to the next floor. The individual riser height is crucial in determining the comfort of your staircase. Our risers are made of premium quality birch plywood.