Our Process

At Masterpiece Staircase, we always take a proactive approach. We are not shy about pointing out potential risks, offering our professional opinion, or going that extra mile to do the job right. We do it because we know the smallest detail can make the biggest difference.

The Plan

It all begins with a plan. This can be as simple as setting up a timeline and agreeing to specifications or as complex as designing an innovative solution to handle an extremely unique project.

We take the time to discuss your needs, show you your options, and help you get the final product you desire. We leave nothing to chance. A Masterpiece Specification Data Form insures that your staircase is designed in a manner that best serves you.

Ultimately, the final outcome of a job is influenced by the quality of the plan, materials and design. We are expert at helping clients make decisions that are easy to live with.


A Masterpiece Staircase can never be mass produced.

  • Every piece of wood in a Masterpiece staircase is custom made in our shop and carefully inspected for color consistency, grain, and overall appearance. No mass-produced staircase is given this level of attention.

  • With treads, we never use more than three pieces of wood, while off-the-shelf treads often use as many as 4 or 5 pieces. The result can be a mismatched piece that detracts from the overall appearance of the staircase.

  • We minimize the number of joints and never use unsightly finger joints.

  • All rails are manufactured to perfectly fit the profile of the job. Balustrades are carefully hand built on the job site and fit precisely to finish.

Our approach may be time consuming, but it assures that our staircases will stand the test of time with dignity and grace.