M.E.T.S. stands for Masterpiece European Traditional System

Time-tested and superior to the haphazard and mass-produced staircases common today, the Masterpiece Staircase approach provides a uniform look, unique style, and stronger finished product.

  • Centering up riser to riser and stringer to stringer insures parallel and perpendicular members are true.
  • A combination of routed stringers, gluing, and wedging create a strong squeak resistant structure.
  • By centering balusters over stringers the entire balustrade system is stronger.
  • When we let-in a staircase we notch the post base to ensure strength and longevity, as well as to eliminate the potential for it to loosen up over time.
  • Our craftsmen do all installations, from simple straight stairs to complex double-elliptical circular stairs. We understand that proper installation is critical, which is why our highly skilled and experienced artisans make sure the smallest details are done correctly. They take time to make adjustments due to the inevitable variations that occur in every building project.

Constructed correctly a staircase will last an untold amount of time. Day in and day out it will carry the weight of human traffic, bear the burden of objects being transported, and remain a focal point of the home.