When Larry began in the carpentry trade he learned old school technique with hand tools. As his skills developed he moved fromconstruction framing to furniture building. He respects wood as both functional material and medium of expression. What has become a driving principle with him is that care in both planning and execution make a dramatic difference in the outcome.

In his eight years at Masterpiece Staircase and Millwork Larry has taken on every challenge with enthusiasm. Something inside does not allow him to leave any flaw or imperfection in the work. This makes it a good fit as the Masterpiece Staircase and Millwork goal is to always deliver the best possible product. If Larry worked somewhere else they would tell him to finish up and move on. 

When not working Larry might be hunting or fishing, or sketching a portrait. He might also be in his home shop building an old farmhouse cuppboard or chest of drawers. It is truly fascinating to witness someone who has the vision and skills to bring it to life

“When something is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing you can be proud.”