When you work with the tightest tolerances imaginable, accuracy becomes second nature. Before joining Masterpiece Staircase, Ken worked as a machinist tooling bolts for the space program that were so precise there was essentially no deviation from the specs. The same obsessive attention to fine detail is what makes him a craftsman beyond compare.


A Ken White handrail fits the profile of the stairase like a glove. On longer runs the various pieces of wood match not only by color and shade but also by grain. Any inferior grade wood is rejected. And the final rail is clean, accurate and beautiful.

One could say Ken is comfortable in the woods. Ask him about different species, and he rattles off their strengths, weaknesses and finished look. His voice reveals a true love of the medium and comfort with his role working with it.

When not at work you might find Ken participating the the growing sport of disc golf or singing with a group. This artisan takes pride in his work and has the skills to back it.

We take pride in producing the best stairs in the country.”