We would like to welcome the newest member of the Masterpiece team.Actually new and old,Jon had been with us before the housing shut down of 2009 and we had voud to get him back as soon as we could.

Jon is amazingly versed in all stages of stair building given his young age.

He is eager and very inthusiastic to learn as much as he can in the woodworking industry,he is a mild mannered guy that is eager to please.

He is a pleasure to work and be around.

John has a lovely young wife and a 5 year old daughter that I know he’s very proud of.

Besides woodworking he is also a avid indoor soccer player and fan attending and participating in games late into the night.

Be careful Jon your not going to be a young man forever.Oh,and workman’s comp doesn’t cover soccer injuries.

We wish you all the best.   Masterpiece Staircase