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Ordering Guide

If you are new to stairs construction, or a Do-It-Yourselfer tackling stairs for the first time, ordering stair parts can be a daunting task but it doesnt have to be.

If all else fails feel free to call us at 1-866-96-STAIRS and we can walk you through the process.  But to get started yourself, keep these things in mind:


If you are ordering parts for the staircase itself, remember to get the following:

  1. Treads You need to know the run of the treads, and the width or throat opening of the staircase.  Remember to order them a little larger than you need, to give some leeway in the field.  You also need to know how many of the treads will be between walls, how many will be open on the left side, how many open on the right side, and how many open on both sides (requiring Double Returns).  Our standard treads are 11 deep including the 1 nosing (which equates to a 10 run.)  If you need custom sizes just call us and we can help you out!
  2. Risers Our standard risers are 8 tall which can be ripped down to the size you need on the job.  If you need a taller riser (which we do not recommend if it can be helped), just contact us and we can custom size them for you.
  3. Stringers If youre building what we call a Mill-Made staircase that is constructed with routed stringers as opposed to parts on framing you will need routed or open stringers.  Incidentally, this is how we make all of our staircases and it is the preferred method for professionals across the country and in the old world style.  Putting parts on existing 2x4 framing will almost guarantee a squeaky staircase in the near future.  Because we use our routed stringers, glue blocks, and wedges, we are able to construct a staircase without using any nails and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on jobs that we install (and our Guarantee includes that the staircase will never squeak!)  When ordering from us we will contact you for the Rise, Run, Number of Risers, and whether it is Open or Routed.  If you need help, just give us a call at 1-866-96-STAIRS.
  4. Wedges and Glue Blocks These are required to construct the stair with routed stringers.  We include these when you purchase our Routed or Open stringers.
  5. Cove and Shoe Mould Every stair needs the finishing touches and cove and shoe provides just that a great finish to a great staircase.

Balustrade (Railing)

If you are ordering parts for the balustrade, remember to get the following:

  1. Handrail For straight stairs with pin-top balusters, Standard rail is what you need.  For block-top balusters, youll need our Plowed rail.  And for curved rail (circular stairs or curved level rail) youll need Bending rail.
  2. Handrail Fittings Depending on how your stair lays out, there will be many different fittings required.  The illustration below may help identify what you need.  If you need help, just call us at 1-866-96-STAIRS.
  3. Newel Posts Whether iron or weed, if your stair is not between walls the entire way, you will need Newel Posts to help secure and anchor the railing.
  4. Balusters If you have exposed railing (not between walls) either on the stair or balcony rail above you will need balusters between the posts.  In most jurisdictions, code requires a maximum spacing of 4 between balusters check your local code to be sure.
  5. Epoxy if you are using metal balusters or posts, you will need Epoxy to secure the iron on both the top and bottom.  We use and recommend PC-7 for the job.
  6. Landing Tread Whether at the top of the stair, at each landing, or underneath level rail, youll need landing tread.  For a complete professional look, youll want a 4-piece detail under level rail consisting of Landing Tread, Fascia, Cove and inverted Basecap.  Call us if you have questions!
  7. Rosettes For those places where the rail terminates into a wall, you have two options a half post, or a rosette.

This basic guide should get you on your way but if you have more specific questions, feel free to call us at 1-866-96-STAIRS and let the professionals help guide you through the process!




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