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Stairs 101

Stairs can be a tricky art form.  If you are new to installing or remodeling stairs, the process can be quite daunting initially.  In order to help you through the myriad selections and methodologies, weve developed this Stairs 101 section to illustrate options, and highlight what we consider to be the correct way to install stairs and balusters.

The Staircase Design section will guide you through some of the many choices available when designing or laying out your stair. It includes a wealth of information, and many helpful photos to show you exactly what we are talking about.

In the How to Videos section, you will see exactly how we make your stair parts, as well as how we prefer to install both stairs and railing.

How to Replace Balusters is an easy to follow document that shows how to pull out those old wooden balusters and replace them with iron balusters an easy way to dramatically change the look, feel and style of your staircase and your home.

Ask the Experts is a new and ongoing link dedicated to answering some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from customers, builders, framers, installers, carpenters, and homeowners.

Our Ordering Guide is a quick summary of how to layout and approach ordering your stair parts from Masterpiece.  This helpful guide is meant to make the ordering process easier, ensuring that you dont forget some of those critical components that could delay your project.

Wood Selection shows some of the more common species we provide, giving a brief description of color and characterisitics. (Add Staircase Wood Species from the Staircase Design section here.)

Wood Hardness, or the Janka Scale, refers to the relative hardness of wood based on a standard testing procedure.  This list gives you an idea of how certain wood types hold up to wear and tear, and also how difficult it may be to work with when installing.


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